RE: DSM: "The purpose for which [Sudbury] is formed ..."

From: Peter Shier (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 15:48:07 EST

Thank you for your thoughts Travis. Some clarifications seem in order.

You said, "I understand that it is easy to get the impression that the
staff might
have hidden agenda..."

I never used the term "hidden agenda" as you can see from your quote
below. I only said that the Sudbury staff *has* an agenda. I agree with
Bruce when he said that the agenda at Subdury is completely open and
clear for all to see. This is simply by nature of being an adult whose
job it is to spend numerous hours per week in the company of children at
a school. The staff serve as role models whether they conciously intend
to or not. Whatever their behavior may be, it is no different than a
planned curriculum in a traditional school, it is only administered in a
different fashion. It still ultimately sends the message to the children
that is, "this is how functional adults behave in our society". Notice I
did not say "this is how we think you should behave when you grow up".
That I believe is one of the great strengths of the model.

I also meant absolutely no disrespect for any Sudbury staff whatsoever.
I have met with the staff at three different Sudbury schools and they
are some of the greatest educators I have ever met as well just being
really wonderful people. (And yes, IMHO they are educators). I think
they all have very clear agendas and I was extremely impressed with
every one of them. The agendas I found do not include teaching academic
subjects but instead are comprised of serving as what I consider to be
superb role models and providing a safe environment in which the
children can learn from them.


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"The adults in the Sudbury model actually have no more or less of an
than those in a traditional school framework with a documented
curriculum, it
is just
transmitted in a very subtle and different way."

    This is absolutely ludicrous!

    You cannot imagine the integrity, honesty, and god, supreme work
of the collection of fantastic adults that I, personally, am honored
cast a
vote for each year. I think that a statement such as the one that you
shows disrespect to those who have worked so hard to use restraint,
realistically, not everyone is thinking in drone-like-fashion "Yes, I
care if child X cannot read."

-Travis W.


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