Re: DSM: "The purpose for which [Sudbury] is formed ..."

Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 10:16:20 EST


    I am sorry, but I take tremendous issue with your references to both
Hanna and Mimsy. I think that it is in your best interests not to include
them in this debate, since I can virtually guarantee that their views do not
mirror yours on these specific issues.
    I know it might sound hypocritical, but that is the last reference you
will hear from me pertaining to both Hanna and Mimsy, because I, certainly,
am not sure of their views. But if I am sure of anything else, I am sure that
they do not agree with you. Either your quotes are incorrect, or even if
they are not, you are taking it entirely out of context. Lastly, I will
attempt to convey my thoughts on the issue in as simplistic a style as

If you put a child in a room and say "Do whatever you want. Escape and travel
to China, sit down and think, become a professional basketball player,
whatever you want, I will not judge or intercede," then you are, by that very
action, whether you like it or not, educating him. If he is given the choice
to run his own life, he learns to be responsible for himself, meaning that he
learns that he must be accountable for his actions. Surely, you and others
are not arguing that children should not be responsible for their actions,
that they should have the benefit of freedom without having to be accountable
for braking rules, that they should have the ability to ask teacher/mom/dad
to "make it all better," after they have made mistakes. He has learned this,
the student. Hence, he has been educated, with a notable absence of any
curriculum. The only thing that has happened is that he was allowed to
exorcise this freedom by people who believed it was his right from birth.
This conforms nicely with the dictionary definition, which I recommend you
    On a last note, I understand that the use of italics is special,
something that conveys importance, and that if one abuses this usage, then
one forfeits the ability to grab attention to a particular subject. But in
this case, I felt I was giving my core thoughts on the issue.

-Travis W.


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