Re: DSM: Is not the goal of Sudbury FREEDOM?

Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 09:59:06 EST


    Thank you for the compliment. However, and it gives me no pleasure to do
so, I must separate myself from your own viewpoints.
    The issue of total freedom is so unbelievably complex as to weed out
virtually all simplistic examples.
    Indeed, personally, I see no need to bring drugs, sex, and violence into
the debate because (1) I mentioned before and stick to the contention that
comparing parenting styles to educational ones, in said environment, is
counterproductive. They are not, should not, and have never been close to
    Sure, talk about a euphoric situation of you must. But the reality is
otherwise! And, (2) though I disagree vehemently with Ardeshir, I am willing
to risk the cardinal sin of putting words in his mouth by saying that when he
argues for total freedom, he is not trying to convey in the least a kind of
"total restraint" in common sense issues that obliterate all philosophical
musings, such as the threat of harm to a child.

-Travis W.


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