Re: DSM: On Certainty and language.

Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 09:33:12 EST


    Before I spent more time going over different possibilities for
attempting to convey to yourself and others that Sudbury Valley is an
educational institution, before that can even begin to have any
effectiveness, the only thing that I think can be done at this point is for
all of us to look closely at the dictionary definition of "education."
    Now, many of us can sit here and argue about whether Sudbury is
"education" in our own interpretation of the word. But I think that one must
continue to remind others that this is his "own interpretation," because, and
I speak honestly, I would not participate in an argument that proposed that
the dictionary definitions of "education" were not applicable to Sudbury
Valley, because I see them as being so applicable its not even funny. Consult
Mary's e-mail for further clarification if needed.
    Simply, the fact of the matter is that when I say "education" (and I
cannot speak for anyone other then myself), I use the dictionary definition.
If others are not using it, please say so! And if they are, and in turn
making the contention that the dictionary definition is not applicable, well,
we cross that ridiculous bridge when we come to it.
    I ask one thing of all people on this list. Stop defining education as
what you experience in the larger community! Stop the generalizations about
what education means! Stop assuming that it entails anything remotely like
traditional education! Because, any way you look at it, this is what is being
done. It is the only explanation! And, frankly, it is counterproductive and
not applicable to this discussion whatsoever.

-Travis W.


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