RE: DSM: Is not the goal of Sudbury FREEDOM?

From: Peter Shier (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 01:06:08 EST

Well said Travis and I think that is also my point. No one gives total
freedom to their children.

Regardless of what you might say Ardeshir, if your kids were snorting
cocaine at age 6 I believe you would have intervened. If you had a
daughter who was sleeping with boys at age 10 I believe you would have
intervened. And the list goes on. As parents, we all ultimately have our
limits which means that we all have a specific curriculum. Some are just
more extensive than others. We all play captain of our ships at some
point and clearly state that this is our home and we require X and we
will not tolerate Y.

Now, what is the difference between saying that you can't snort coke at
age 6 and you must learn to read at age 7? Some may argue that one is
protecting the child while the other is coercing him to do something he
could survive (and even thrive) without. Well, Sudburists may interpret
it that way but traditionalists will say that learning to read at age 7
is protecting the child from future doom much the same as most of us
would feel about cocaine for a 6 year old.


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> If I give you freedom, you are being "educated," in so many
> ways. There is no getting around that.


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