RE: DSM: "The purpose for which [Sudbury] is formed ..."

From: Liz Reid and Errol Strelnikoff (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 21:12:14 EST

> > ... How do you measure whether
> > the staff are without hope, dreams or anticipation? I would be
> very curious
> > as I have yet to meet such a person, all the people I know are
> full of hope,
> > dreams and anticipation. I can't help wondering if I would want such a
> > person around my children, particularly if all the adults were
> of this type.
> I get your point: You *as a parent*, anticipate that your children
> will in some way improve, become in some respects better, during
> their stay at a free school. If they didn't, you might pull your chil-
> dren out of that school, and send them to one that *isn't* free!

I never said that. All I said was that I have yet to meet a person who
never feels any hope, who never anticipates anything, and who does not
dream. I do not know if such a person can really exist, as this seems like
a very dull, strange way to live. I was just wondering if this was
physically possible.

> That's because *you* have hopes for *them*.

I have hope for all kinds of things. I live in hope, I think without hope
life would be very hard to live. I live with anticipation also, and with
dreams. These include everything around me. How could they not? Are not
dreams a part of life?


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