DSM: Showers, freedom and by-laws

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (ardeshir@sympatico.ca)
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 16:57:50 EST

Thanks, Peter.

But just to clarify:

> 1) Your wife definitely does not take my approach but she would
> certainly agree with my wife-:) I am actually in your camp regarding my
> children's hygene, dietary practices, and choices of activities . BTW, I
> can tell you the exact day when your son will begin to shower regularly:
> when he meets a girl he really likes-:)

The point, however, is that it won't matter to me if he *never*
takes another shower in his entire life. It's *his* body, and he
can do with it as *he* deems fit!

> 2) I am actually a great fan of the Sudbury model and I think it is by
> far (very far) the best school model I have seen to date. It is not
> perfect, and there are many aspects of it I continue to ponder, hence my
> posting last night.

Quite. I agree with you entirely. (Well, except for the "best
school model" part, perhaps -- I'd probably vote for Summerhill.)

And one of Sudbury's imperfections, in my view -- indeed its
*greatest* imperfection -- is that in its stated by-laws it does
*not* state that freedom is the most important thing in Sudbury,
but rather that "learning" is.

The problem (which others think is academic at best, and at worst
merely splitting hairs) would be very obvious if the Constitution
of the United States were to expressly state that the purpose for
which the country exists is so that for all persons in it, learning --
or working, or improving, or enlightenment, or any other activity
similar to education -- is best served by self-this, self-that and self-
the-other. Wouldn't there be an uproar over such language? Would
it be considered merely academic, or splitting hairs, if there were
any suggestion that such language should be amended right away?

The purpose for which a free country exists is so that its citizens
can *live* free. There can be *no* other purpose, if the country
is to *legitimately* claim that it is, indeed, a free country.

And the purpose for which a free school exists must be so that
those who make up its staff and students can *live* free. There
can be *no* other purpose, if the school is to legitimately claim
that it is, indeed, a free school.


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