DSM: Sexual Identites and SVS

From: Darren Stanley (rds1@ualberta.ca)
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 14:37:17 EST

Peter writes:

> can tell you the exact day when your son will begin to shower regularly:
> when he meets a girl he really likes-:)

really? you can tell that sort of thing? ;) aren't you assuming the kid is,
will grow up to be, and continue to live a life as a heterosexual man?

that may sound like a rhetorical question...no need to respond to this
post...but i couldn't not respond to it since not everybody in the world is
or identifies as (solely) a hetereosexual being.

oops...I've just changed my mind.

I wonder (out loud) how issues of sexual identity emerge and manifest
themselves at SVS? Is there the same sort of stigma around gay/lesbian
youth at SVS as there *is* at more traditional schools?




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