RE: DSM: "The purpose for which [Sudbury] is formed ..."

From: Peter Shier (
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 13:41:16 EST

Just to clarify a couple of things:

1) Your wife definitely does not take my approach but she would
certainly agree with my wife-:) I am actually in your camp regarding my
children's hygene, dietary practices, and choices of activities . BTW, I
can tell you the exact day when your son will begin to shower regularly:
when he meets a girl he really likes-:)

2) I am actually a great fan of the Sudbury model and I think it is by
far (very far) the best school model I have seen to date. It is not
perfect, and there are many aspects of it I continue to ponder, hence my
posting last night.


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> My wife takes your approach, saying that it is up to her as a parent
to give our kids all the help they need.


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