Re: DSM: On Certainty and language.

Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 08:41:02 EST

Dear Travis,

Beautiful post.

But I don't see no education.
I see a pond and a mansion and a barn and 11 acres and a basketball court and
a swing set and a climbing tree and state woods and 200 children and a staff
with 30 years of experience and a straight up offer of freedom and respect.
But I don't see no education.
And then Hanna comes on and says "well, we just trust the children and they
do the rest". That ain' t no teaching method. That's respect running so deep
it runs right out to reverence and then on to grace. That's nurture, that's
support. Probably sanctifies the place.
But I don't see no education.
And then Mimsy comes on this list and says "well, as far as is possible, we
just let the children be themselves". Have you ever heard any educator
anywhere, in all the books and speeches, say anything like that? That just
brushes away all the ifs and buts and whatnots and runs right out to love.
That's stone love.
So, I don't see no education.
I see cotton Travis. Tall cotton. And you're in it.
And I'm in it.
We're all in it.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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