DSM: Re: Anticipations, hopes, dreams

From: Mary Rose Murrin (mmurrin@tampabay.rr.com)
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 08:16:48 EST

> >>How do you measure whether > the staff are without hope, dreams or
> anticipation<<
> Personally I do not see this is possible. WIth Sudbury, you couldn't be
> there and still reside "in the box" For me, what SVS ignited was hope, in
> fact, I began to even think for a moment of what my own life would have
> like had I followed my dreams. I think I would have been a soap opera
> kidding..

I wrote a poem that taught me a lot about life, discipline, and education.
Here it is:

                        The Wonder Child

The soul is a wonder child.
It needs to be able to carry prayers to and from God.
It needs to be able to sense and feel and wonder and discover,
To release the wonder of it's potential on Earth.

We live in a world full of animals.
Full of greed and lust and self-satisfaction.
Full of taking and leaving and disappointing.
Devoid of responsibilities on Earth.

Society is a great policeman.
Full of laws, and rules, and internal regulations.
Full of put downs, push downs, and pull downs.
Devoid of the wonder of the Earth.

How do we chain the animal and not the soul?
How do we allow the wonder to be released without the anger?
We must learn the discipline of Self-Esteem.
Releasing the Power of God on the Earth.

(c) 1995 Mary Rose Murrin

Now for me, freedom to beat the crap out of someone is not freedom- because
it denies the other person freedom. In that respect Sudbury is not free
because it has a government- which differs remarkably in that the government
is composed of children as well as teachers. And the government that
Sudbury has can uniquely prepare those children who were born to lead for
politics. Where would it start? At the Sudbury free documents page, it
caught my attention that in one of the stories of the educational experience
from one of the students, she recounts that she did nothing but play outside
with a group of friends for a long time as a young child. But as she grew
older, she wanted to take on more responsibility and so started to be active
in the school government process and eventually became a leader in that
process. What I caught here was that the years of playing outside with her
friends uniquely taught her the skills that she needed to be able to lead
people. That was her gift, that was her passion, and free play allowed that
to be expressed.

Freedom that allows the soul to be able to soar- to feel like flying- to be
able to feel that we are reaching up with our work and with our products- we
are touching God by fulfilling the gifts that God gave us. Then God touches
us and moves us to try something more, something better. And as we succeed
based on our own work and our own efforts, the discipline of self-esteem
takes over. I believe and I hope that God gave us all that we need. So if
all our children are raised with only the discipline of self-esteem, then in
one generation all of the worlds problems would be solved. So if all that
Sudbury does is provide a place where the soul can find it's niche in the
world, then it's great.

My son has come out and won't let me think, so this must be all I should
My hope and dream for the world is that instead of self-destructing, we find
it within ourselves to find the discipline of self-esteem and transform
ourselves and the world...

Mary Rose Murrin


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