Re: DSM: "The purpose for which [Sudbury] is formed ..."

From: Shelli Buhr (
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 01:09:06 EST

>>How do you measure whether > the staff are without hope, dreams or

Personally I do not see this is possible. WIth Sudbury, you couldn't be
there and still reside "in the box" For me, what SVS ignited was hope, in
fact, I began to even think for a moment of what my own life would have been
like had I followed my dreams. I think I would have been a soap opera star..

The beauty for me would be to simply watch them blossom. I would eagerly
wait in anticipation to see a child's life unfold into his/her natural
creative spark. Maybe that is how the world can have new pianists, and
mathemeticians alike. Maybe these are the children who can show us how find
our own inner child. Then we can too embrace life the way that they can,
free. So in saying that, I am willing to put my vote in for anticpiation,
hope and dreams.



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