Re: DSM: Is not the goal of Sudbury FREEDOM?

Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 10:17:11 EST


       First of all, I will address the following:

"What you are talking about, instead, is Liberal Education at its most
honest. But even liberal education at its most honest is not SVS. It
has an ulterior MOTIVE: that motive being, to "prepare" the child
for something. That is the goal of the institution, and the institution
succeeds or fails by how well or how ill it prepares the child for
that "something" (whatever it might be: democracy, responsibility,
life, whatever)."

       I choose to forgo my traditional "asking," pertaining to what the
sender "actually" meant.
       By writing this, at the very least, you were implying that the context
of my analytical statements pertaining to a Sudbury Valley-type education was
coming from a "Liberal Education" standpoint, or at least, mirroring it. This
is, truly, beyond ridiculous.
        It would appear that you have chosen to throw away the fact that I
have been nothing save militant against Liberal Education in my writings, and
all that it entails. And yet, you have the tenacity to compare Liberal
Education in any way to my statements? To imply that my arguments mirror
those of the former? I cannot begin to understand.
       You are a very intelligent person, Ardeshir. I simply refuse to
believe that you don't realize, then or now, that this is an utterly absurd
observation, lacking any validity whatsoever.
       As of now, I am thoroughly convinced that you have no idea what
Sudbury Valley is about. But do you know, I acknowledge the possibility that
I don't ether. If a founder told me I was full of shit, so be it. I do not
pretend to be God. But here is the difference between you and I. On our
specific issue, I have greater validity when addressing its nature.
       I hope that you take pains not to misinterpret what I said. It is
really quite simple. I am not saying that you are out of place in having
opinions on education in general. I am not saying that you are out of place
when having opinions about Sudbury Valley in general.
       But, when you write in the particular context that you did, a
lecturing context, not a "I respectfully disagree with you" context, at that
point, we look at our chips. What do you have? I was attended for 4 years the
mother of all Liberal Schools. I have been a student at Sudbury Valley for 8
years. I left Sudbury Valley 2 years into enrollment to attend my local
Public School for a year. My family is still, to say the very least, heavily
involved in my former Liberal School. These are simply facts, not to be
        Now you can talk about how you disagree with this or that, but
lecturing me about what Sudbury is really about, instead of giving your
opinion on it, is wrong. Perhaps I should rephrase: you gave your opinion,
yes, but you also gave so much more. Indeed, people who debate must realize
at all times (common knowledge)! that no matter how good you are, no matter
how articulate, it is extremely dangerous to step over the cliff, into the
abyss, in which you have no expertise or experience whatsoever.
       Because those who do it know it is inevitable that their fraudulence,
their inability to back statements, will be called upon. Sir, I accuse you of
a e-mail that smacked strongly of lecturing.
       I am not pleased with our current situation. If you have mentioned in
the past experience you have had that I did not take into account, well,
please mention it again. To my knowledge, though, you have no concrete
experience in any of the particular area's I mentioned. I fear that you may
be misinterpreting Sudbury Valley, and all issues pertaining to it, to a
degree so sever as to warrant no solution whatsoever.

-Travis W.


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