Re: DSM: The freedom to say "No" or "Yes" according to one's own free will

Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 21:48:25 EST

Dear Travis,

Thank you. You wrote:

<< You are misinterpreting the role of any school. Ardheshir, something
 that is crucial to understand is that any school, Sudbury or other, has the
 same goal. Namely, to prepare students to be productive, responsible members
 of the community at large. >>

Here is the reasoning for how Sudbury is not education.

For a definition of freedom and respect, I mean exactly what you are offered
every day at Sudbury. The question is: Are you offered that freedom and
respect every day in order to, in your words, "prepare you to be a productive
and responsible member of the community at large"? If you are offered freedom
and respect for that reason, indeed, if Sudbury has a goal in mind when they
offer you freedom and respect, then Sudbury is, indeed, education. And then
it immediately follows that the freedom and respect that you are being
offered is a teaching method.

But my best understanding (And correct me here, if you feel I am in error) is
that the above is simply not the case. The freedom and respect that you are
offered at Sudbury is indeed real. It is a freedom that is offered freely.
(Again, please correct me if you feel I am in error.) And if you and the
other children accept this freedom as freely offered, then it is indeed
freely offered. Because believe it or not, it is your and the other
childrens' understanding that actually defines what Sudbury is. If you take
the freedom and respect that is offered as genuine and freely offered, then
it isn't teaching method, and Sudbury is not education.

Warmest Regards,
Bill Richardson


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