Re: DSM: Is Sudbury not "Life lived, period"?

From: Martin Wilke (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 17:02:13 EST schrieb:

> I simply cannot see it. What do you mean "Sudbury is NOT education?" That
> is absolutely ludicrous!

I suppose it depends on the definition of "education". In English (and
many other languages) "education" is a word with at least two distinct
In German there are two different words for it "Bildung" and
"Erziehung". "Bildung" is the process or result of learning (and may or
may not be self-directed). "Erziehung" is an action done to the child
(especially at home, by parents), in order to control the child's
character; there is an agenda. "Bildung" is compatible with a
relationship based on equal rights, "Erziehung" is, by definition, based
on power and manipulation.
A Sudbury School is a place, where inevitably "Bildung" occurs, but it's
a place without "Erziehung".

Martin Wilke


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