DSM: Coersion in the very name of freedom

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (ardeshir@sympatico.ca)
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 14:36:54 EST

Hi Derek:

You wrote:

> Hi Ardeshir,
> Yes freedom prevails, where unsolicited help, guidance, teaching, support
> may or may not be offered, and may be just as well refused by young people
> when they feel empowered enough to do so; and then when the person offering
> is refused often enough, they might then learn to leave it to the young
> people to do it for themselves, or until they ask for the help.

The operative words are "MAY or MAY not". THAT is freedom;
on the other hand, if the words are "MUST or MUST not", that is

If the staff is told: "You MUST not offer the students any ulsoli-
cited help", then that is coersion imposed upon the STAFF. And
thus indirectly, also upon the students: for the students then are not
EMPOWERED to refuse, but are put in a situation where the very
opportunity of refusing is taken away from them. That is coersion
-- a rather subtle form of it, no doubt, but coersion none the less.

And this is all the more represehensible since it is done in the very
name of "freedom". Again I repeat, such "freedom" is rather obvi-
ously a sham.

Besides, what makes you think unsolicited help will ALWAYS be
refused? I myself have often accepted unsolicited help with thanks.

Thus the RIGHT attitude toward the staff should be the same as the
right attitude toward the students. viz.: "You are free here to do as
you please, so long as you do not take away the freedom of anyone
ELSE to do as THEY please." (Note carefully that this does NOT
make any distinction between staff and students -- which is at it
should be. To make any such distinction is, indeed, to detract from
the very freedom one claims to be offereing to the students.)

You added:

> BTW, I
> rarely offer unsolicited help to adults. I make it clear that I'm available
> to help, and depending on the circumstances and need, I'll generally help.

That, as I hope you realise, is just YOUR personal preference. BUT
ON OTHERS!!! That, too, is coersion, not freedom.


Ardeshir <http://homepage.mac.com/ardeshir/AllMyFiles.html>



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