Re: DSM: Is Sudbury not "Life lived, period"?

Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 11:01:50 EST

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<< I agree that in an EDUCATION context it is wrong.
 But let us remember that Sudbury is NOT education! It is, as (I
 think) Scott wrote once, "Life lived, period."
 In life lived, period, it is definitely NOT wrong to offer help.
 Indeed it is wrong NOT to do so, because it goes against the best in
 human nature! >>


    I simply cannot see it. What do you mean "Sudbury is NOT education?" That
is absolutely ludicrous!
    It may be a specific and unique type of education, but it is still a
"type" of education. The school is "educating" its students, albeit education
draped in the teachings of responsibility, is it not?
     I will say, though, that I think your statement helped me in a specific
way. Indeed, it served as a superb explanatory measure in highlighting where
previous statements made by yourself came from, and under what context. I
think that it makes more sense now. I sincerely hope, because I think you
have valuable insight about the school and are a good analytical thinker,
that you will retract this statement, citing the use of Scott's quote as
taken ENTIRELY out of context.

-Travis W.


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