Re: DSM: The freedom to say "No" or "Yes" according to one's own free will

Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 10:52:03 EST


     You are misinterpreting the role of any school. Ardheshir, something
that is crucial to understand is that any school, Sudbury or other, has the
same goal. Namely, to prepare students to be productive, responsible members
of the community at large.
    The split comes in the method of preparation. But do you know, the issue
you have raised time and again pertains to the most basic outline of any
school! Indeed, it is universally accepted that it is in students best
interests, in whatever way (the differing opinions account for that), to be
in a situation that does not EXACTLY mirror society!
     In Sudbury, though they are treated with respect, from an educational
standpoint, it is not appropriate to "treat" them exactly (key point: treat
them from a cultural standpoint, because what I say might be misinterpreted)
as another adult in open society.
    Specifically because Sudbury Valley is not society posing as a school. It
is a school, and it is sad how often some of us forget that most basic fact.
The goals of adult-adult treatment/interaction in society are DIFFERENT then
the goals of staff/student interaction, even in a Sudbury school.
    Do not make the argument that Sudbury is contradicting itself by not
offering unsolicited help, which mirrors the common offerings in society. The
argument is simply entirely out of context.

-Travis W.

-Travis W.


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