Re: DSM: RE: What initially attracted you to Sudbury?

Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 10:39:25 EST


     You seem to be very knowledgeable and contemplative with regard to
Sudbury Valley, and that I respect and appreciate. But, (and do correct me if
I am wrong) I get the impression that your latest e-mail's perhaps have some
personal "special interests." I am only speculating. You see, you say the
following things in two of your e-mail's:

"Offer whatever, just so long as we know in our bones, in the marrow of our
Bones, that "no" is a wonderful answer."


"Not surprisingly, my small answer is no, there is no such thing [as a

    You see, I disagree. I do not think that "no" is a wonderful answer. But,
let me say first, in order for me to have this opinion I need to understand
exactly what it is that you are alluding to.
    If you are implying that it is "wonderful," citing a preferred answer,
when children do not want help, well, I simply do not understand that view.
If that is what you are implying!
    The only thing that is "wonderful," for students, is that they have the
choice. Something I have said time and again is that my dream is a Sudbury
School free of external, internal, and aesthetic influence, and personal
goals. A school in which a student rigidly mired in academia and conservatism
receives the same treatment (not from the school; that is a given. I speak of
discrimination on a personal level) as a more easy going, liberal student.
    You see, I get the impression that you would think less of a child if he
structured his life a certain way. Basically, a structure which is similar to
another student's in a rigid boarding school. What if this student said
"yes?" Would that be bad, or wonderful also?
    If this student's day mirrored another's at Public School, and it was his
choice, would you feel the same? Would you feel nothing different then what
you feel observing the "typical" Sudbury students? I would like clarification
on this issue, as it is extremely important to me personally.

-Travis W.


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