Re: DSM: Is Sudbury not "Life lived, period"?

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 21:18:28 EST

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your post. You have it precisely. You wrote:

<< Nevertheless I do not agree with the argumentation, that is, to make
 kids to fit into the society, trying to PRODUCE certain kinds of people. >>

Nebraska may produce football teams. MIT may produce mathematicians. DeMatha
may produce great basketball players. Let them. They all have programs. They
are educational institutions.

Sudbury produces nothing. It has no program. For thirty three years it has
consistantly and repeatedly failed to educate anyone. Thank God.

All production, results, outcomes, learnings, development, progress, and
growth are completely and utterly owned by the children themselves. Not only
do they own all production, they own any and all characterizations of that

Look, parents, staff and founders may be building and running a school. Their
efforts are considerable, even substantial. But the children are constructing
their very lives. Their efforts are monumental.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson



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