Re: DSM: Re: Is Sudbury not "Life lived, period"?

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 19:03:45 EST

Hi Derek,

Thanks for your e-mail.

The answer you gave, however, does not touch the HEART of the
matter. The heart is FREEDOM. If one is to offer children free-
dom, then should not that freedom be the SAME as one offers to
ADULTS? Indeed, as I said in an earlier e-mail, should it not be
the same to which one oneself lays claim?

Remember, too, that the freedom ITSELF is offered (or presumed
to be offered) WELL before the child asks for it. Indeed it should
be offered, ideally, right from birth!

As I asked in my e-mail subject line: "Is Sudbury not 'Life lived,
period'?" If it isn't -- if it is an alternative form of EDUCATION --
then I agree with you (and Travis), and adults should stay the hell
out of the kids' way.

But if Sudbury is NOT education, but rather, as Scott eloquently
put it (and convinced me in the process), if Sudbury is "Life lived,
period", then it should surely contain ALL that life has to offer --
INCLUDING unsolicited help.

Otherwise, where's the life, where's the living, where's the freedom?
As I wrote in reply to Joe, such "freedom" is merely a sham -- and
there's just no other word for it. To TAKE AWAY freedom in the
very NAME of freedom, in fact, renders it the MORE despicable.


Ardeshir <>.



> Hi Ardeshir,
> I have been reading the e-mails with interest. I write from a country which
> has for many years offered "help" well before anyone asks for it. The
> "help" over generations has led to a reliance on government by many people.
> It frequently leads to government interference in the lives of people. At
> School, we check ourselves before offering "help" before it was actually
> asked for. Sure at times it still happens, but far less than some did in
> the early days. We have found that kids learn far more about themselves by
> leaving them to it. We do give support and assistance, but more so in a
> quiet way. Naturally, if there was physical risk involved, Staff may step
> in depending on the apparent risk. It is the risk taking, sometimes the
> boredom, sometimes Students up against a personal hurdle that makes them
> stronger for the effort they must take to go further, or not. Resilience
> and personal growth happens because of these things. Unsolicited help can
> induce thinking that the direction or advice is THE way to deal with the
> issue. But it is too personal, too individual for anyone else to know that.
> Traditional education systems have kids disempowered and believing that the
> only answers to all things come from adult teachers or textbooks. We should
> all know that is not the case. Unsolicited "help" can be seen to be
> perpetuating the same frauds. People living through their own stuff live
> life, and learn to difg deeper within themselves to live life more fully, by
> doing as much as they can for themselves, and asking for assistance when
> they need it, knowing full well that in a supportive learning environment
> they will get the assistance they need - not what someone else perceives
> their need to be.
> Regards,Derek Sheppard
> The Booroobin Sudbury School
> www. booroobinschool. com. au


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