Re: DSM: Is Sudbury not "Life lived, period"?

From: Martin Wilke (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 15:43:08 EST

Mike Sadofsky schrieb:
> Perhaps the following paragraph -- extracted from
> "Is Sudbury Valley a School?" from Reflections on the Sudbury School
> Concept By Daniel Greenberg and available as the full article at
> --
> can illuminate the sudbury perspective that staff are expected to
> refrain from anticipating the needs of enrolled individuals and
> offering unsolicited assistance and/or advice. If my comment needs
> further clarification, I mean it to be applicable during normal times
> and inapplicable under such extreme situations as injury, when
> immediate assistance is appropriate.
> > The raw material is perfect. Our major task as adults is to get out of the way, to provide an environment where we don't interfere, where we minimize to every extent possible the barriers that prevent children from doing what they want to do naturally. To the extent that we succeed, they'll be alert, they'll explore, they'll be active, they'll be healthy. They'll be solving problems all day, problems that they set for themselves and attack with a passion. Leave children alone and what's the first thing you notice? Their intensity. Their involvement. Their focus.

When one speaks of children as "raw material", it sounds like children
were objects - instead of living persons. And it pretty much sounds like
an agenda. I prefer democratic schools not because they prepare children
for later being members of a democractic society but rather because
democracy is the fairest way to run a school.

Martin Wilke


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