Re: DSM: students rights

From: Martin Wilke (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 15:01:28 EST schrieb:

> The student must take the full initiative, and, once that step is
> completed (let us not beat ourselves on yet another issue: Is it really that
> hard? Ask students, other then myself, if it is. The answer most certainly
> is: NO)! The full allotment of whatever help requested will be provided, with
> differing circumstances providing for differing specifics.

What about the situation, where a student (probably a newly enrolled
teenager with some experience in traditional school), who is terribly
bored, takes the initiative to ask a staff member for suggestions of
activity? It's not the staff member who unsolicitedly approaches the
bored student; it's the student's initiative. My impression is that the
staff member would refuse this kind of help.

Martin Wilke


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