Re: DSM: students rights

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 13:52:57 EST


    Well, it isn't exactly what I was saying. In this e-mail, I will attempt
to be more clear.
    Specifically, what I was trying to convey was the absolutely extreme
prevalence, in subtle contexts, of, equal in quantity, indifference to the
philosophy and, well, baseline disagreement.
    It is perfectly understandable to get the impression, as we all do, that
parents act as proponents in various ways, and that this entitles them to all
of the benefits pertaining to that label.
    However, my opinion happens to be very specific (and undoubtedly
disagreed with)! On the issue. If parents, such as mine to some extent,
appear as proponents, but deep down, are not, well, that opens up a whole
other issue. This next part is importance. The best method for filtration is
the following: when a person is faced with circumstances in which all of the
sacrifices that have to be made, in order to be a proponent of the Sudbury
Philosophy, come to bare, their particular allegiance will be made public.
    A hypothetical example that resembles, in part, conversations I have had
in the past. The fake proponent/true opponent: "Yes, I believe in X and Y,
pertaining to Sudbury Valley, to some extent, yes [Response from me:
hammering away with uncomfortable concepts). Fake Proponent: "Well, yes
(uneasiness, facial expression changes), I believe in that, maybe, but,
well.... Finally, the truth comes out. In anger, the Fake Proponent screams:
     "Well, what are you talking about! Don't give me that horseshit about
this school being 'really' legitimate! We all know deep down its a farce!"
Indeed, this may seem drastic, but understand that it is for some much harder
to interpret (due to different quantities of layering) the real from the

-Travis W.


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