Re: DSM: students rights

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 13:37:12 EST


     I can only speak for myself, but, the issue seems to have gone further
back in time. It is really quite clear.
     It is my belief (and apparently others as well) that, in the specific
context of education (which, let us be serious, is entirely different then
other contexts, as opposed to your observations) it is wrong to "offer," or
whatever you want to call it, help to a student. Period.
    There is no "Well, what harm can it do?" Harbor that opinion if you like,
but myself and others believe, quite strongly, that these "offerings" are
damaging, counterproductive, and inherently wrong.
    The student must take the full initiative, and, once that step is
completed (let us not beat ourselves on yet another issue: Is it really that
hard? Ask students, other then myself, if it is. The answer most certainly
is: NO)! The full allotment of whatever help requested will be provided, with
differing circumstances providing for differing specifics. I feel myself and
others have been quite clear on this issue. Why the constant need for
reiteration and misinterpretation?

-Travis W.


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