Re: DSM: students rights

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 11:45:08 EST


    I agree with you, to a certain extent. You see, this debate in general
seems to follow the a certain contexr:

* People generally agree on a specific thing: Adults have no right to
interfier (on many levels) with children. Seemingly, adults should not engage
in coercion, as opposed to outright intrusion, with regard to academics.

* But, however, in extreme cases, help sould be offered."

I am sorry if this sounds harsh or coarse, but apprently, I interpret the
entire context of this debate as a kind of "Yes, yes, good old boy, I agree.
We all agree and are in agreement. But, what if someone is lying in the
street and needs assistence? Well, yes, surely we would help him, of course!

Why this good old boy tendency to flood the airwaves with agreements! I am
not accusing anyone of wrongdoing, except, I would be interested in some
explanations as to why we all feel (I suppose myself included) the need to
agree with each other in extended paragraphs? As to the"

"But GENUINE help, when it seems obviously needed, should al-
ways be offered. If you find a person injured on the street, don't
you offer your help? (Talking about adults only here.)"

Of course! It is my opinion that this is not the issue, and that this is
simply stating the obvious to be agreed upon again and again!

-Travis W.


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