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From: Alan Klein (Alan@Klein.Net)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 19:21:21 EST

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From: "Liz Reid and Errol Strelnikoff" <lizanderrol@home.com>
> I don't think that all children need to spend twelve years in the same
> institution, whether it is Sudbury or Public school or homeschool. And I
> also not sure if the children are the best arbiters of whether they should
> or shouldn't stay at a school. In some cases the opportunity cost of a
> choice is greater than what is learned from that mistake...
> I know that last sentence will earn me lots of flack.

Any flak I would send your way would depend on your conclusion from the data
you present. Even if we assume that kids don't need to spend all 12 years in
one place and even if we assume that kids may not be the best arbiters of
whether or not they should stay, and even if we allow as how some decisions
cost us more than we learn from them, it does not necessarily follow that
someone other than the student should remain in charge of that student's

~Alan Klein


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