Re: DSM: students rights

Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 09:45:55 EST

Dear Warren,

Thanks for our post. You wrote:

<< I should make one thing clear and that is that I have absolutely no doubt
 my mind about the importance of the philosophy for _children_ but it is the
 parents I must reach in order to get enrollment hence the need to focus on
 their perceptions. >>

Forgive me, but I am facinated by the above. When I read it, it is clearly a
small algorithm. The results of the algorithm are enrollment, and presumably
an up and running school. The step to get to the results is a focus on the
perceptions of parents.

But again forgive me, for I only suggest a different focus. I suggest
Travis's white hot agreement on what exactly is the core of the "school".
Usual and prevailing education has made all of childhood an algorithm. They
have routinized and regimented the childs' day, with bells and classes and
bathroom passes, and "development" from concrete to abstract thinking and all
the rest. And whatever else they are, educators are not stupid. They have
deliberately chosen to attempt to reduce childhood to algorithm for a reason.
They want results. My only very small suggestion is build something else. And
that something else is the focus.

And all we know about that something else, is that it is not an algorithm.
So, I now wonder if we can algorithmically build something that is not an

Now I don't even have small suggestions, only tiny ones. Just give up all
hope of any results in building or rebuilding the school. I think the load
will be lighter, the work will be easier, without hope.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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