DSM: RE: The art of non-interference

From: Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 08:16:02 EST

> As you say, it's an art. But MY way of this art is, that
> I do not treat children any different than I would treat
> adults -- at least up to the limits of practicality.
> What's yours? Do you treat them different?

If I am paid to function in a particular role, it does not occur to me
that the rights and personal perogatives I have as a free adult in the
larger world should prevent me from fulfilling the role I am paid to do.

My main job is in the US Air Force. While I certainly enjoy the status
of a free person living in a democratic country among peers, when I am
uniform, I am quite literally operating in a uniform that is inferior to
many other uniforms that people are wearing around me.

There are a great many things that my uniform must do, like saluting,
greeting and walking behind, superior uniforms. If I do not do this, I
am sucking. I am not being professional.

When I staff, I put on a uniform, I have a given duty that is not
impacted by the fact that I treat other adults and children and should
be treated by adults and children as an equal in the larger world.

Do you see a general difference between how one would behave walking
around on one's own time and how one would behave haven taken money in
exchange for providing a particular service? If you do, I hope that
would establish that how an individual functions in the school is a
separate question of *why* a Subury Staff does what they do. And
hopefully we can agree that if parents of Sudbury students pay staff to
function in that certain way, they should do it or not be elected.



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