DSM: The art of non-interference

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (ardeshir@sympatico.ca)
Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 12:55:00 EST

Hi Joe,

Perhaps you are right, and I am not getting you, but kindly
bear with me a little.

I think Liz wrote it best (I re-quote her post here below):

> > And also, comparisons with how adults interact with one another in open
> > society do not dictate how adults should relate with children in a
> > Sudbury School. They should not. The situations and objectives are
> > entirely different.
> You may have already said this a thousand times in your other posts, but
> could you please just fill me in one more time as to how the situations and
> objectives differ? When a staff does not offer help to a child in a
> situation where they would naturally have offered help to an adult, what
> would be the justification? Is this non-interference not sending a message
> to the child, i.e., you are a child and therefore you need to figure this
> out without help even though I would offer help to an adult in your
> situation?
> Liz

You see, I see no justification for non-interference when
dealing with children, because I DON'T see the objectives or
the situations as being different -- as you do.

If children are to be given the same freedoms and rights
as adultts, then the only objective is that we all live together
as best we can. And that, in the normal course of things,
is in mutual give and take.

If on the other hand there is to be a marked difference
between children's rights and freedoms on the one hand,
and those of adults, on the other, I would agree that the
approach of non-intervention (or minimal intervention)
may be called for.

But I see no justification for having a MARKED diff-
erence between children's rights and those of adults.
(Small differences, maybe: for example, one would
normally intervene if a toddler ran out on the road!)

As you say, it's an art. But MY way of this art is, that
I do not treat children any different than I would treat
adults -- at least up to the limits of practicality.

What's yours? Do you treat them different?


Ardeshir <http://homepage.mac.com/ardeshir/AllMyFiles.html>



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