RE: DSM: students rights

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 19:10:10 EST

Hi, Travis. You wrote:

> we say that ideally (it would)! it
> would be a good
> think if parents were not initiating overly coercive
> measurers within the
> home environment. Sadly, as with so many other things in
> life, this is not a
> realistic estimation. Indeed, more then anyone, if I had my
> way, we would
> throw all of these people out. But then we would be losing an
> extremely
> substantial portion of our school.


> the number of parents who, forget about
> agreeing with the philosophy, are indifferent to it is
> minimal enough! Based
> on my limited observations, right now, you are LUCKY if your
> parents, such as
> mine, have a general indifference to the school and are
> simply glad that
> their kids are happy.

Are you saying that in your estimation the vast majority of the parents
at Sudbury Valley are there in spite of the fact that they are in
disagreement with the philosophy? I find that a little shocking, and I
hope, in the interest of the welfare of Sudbury Valley School, that your
estimation is off!

Thanks for giving your time to this list - your perspectives are very

-Joe Jackson


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