Re: DSM: students rights

Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 09:54:19 EST


    I must apologize outright for forgoing the formalities. I will try to be
as concise on the issue as I can.

    If you sir are implying, (and I stress if: again, I hold nothing against
you, and find it dangerous when anyone assumes this person meant "X") that
this is in the context of Staff-student relationships, then I could not
disagree more vehemently.
    If you are implying that their is no harm in "offering" students help,
well, the only thing I can say is that you seem to be in disagreement with
the Sudbury Philosophy. I grant you, this philosophy (underlines are inserted
for a certain third party)! is interpreted sometimes, as it should be, but
the fact remains clear: it falters not at all on the issue of coercion and,
especially, UN-requested offerings of help.
    I do speak from the heart, so please be honest in responding with your
true meaning. If this is what you meant, don't be afraid to say so! If it is
not, and I interpreted it out of context, I take it all back. I ask that you
trust me when I say these things.

-Travis W.


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