Re: DSM: students rights

Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 09:36:46 EST


    But of course! I don't blame you for stating the obvious, because there
are always those of us ought there who don't entirely understand!
    Bruce, in a much better way then I could have, you stated the essence of
the philosophical issue. Argue with this man if you want, fill the Internet
with this take or that take on how he didn't explain it exactly right, but
for me, the issue appears to be mute.
    I am not accusing any one of wrongdoing, but really! This issue, as it
stands now, appears slightly comical. What I mean is, unless a response sent
to Bruce was structured as an "I agree, but what about saying it this way?"
e-mail, well, I would have a hard time taking it seriously. There is plenty
of habber-jabber, but, seemingly, those who out & out disagree with what
Bruce said are lurking in the shadows, afraid to entirely expose their
position. This represents the flavor of overall correspondence, because,
truly, I am not accusing anyone in particular of doing these things. If
anyone disagrees with this man, well, come out and say it! I say, he has
stated it all right there. Truly, this is the reality.

-Travis W.


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