Re: DSM: students rights

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 09:28:33 EST

At 9:00 AM 1/24/02, Ann Ide wrote:
>I have always wondered about how this works at Sudbury schools. Does it fit
>with the model for staff to make offers?

The short answer: no.

The somewhat longer answer: it depends. ;-)

As I said, it's subtle. But if you have a relationship with someone -- a
friend -- and you encounter something you know your friend would be
interested in (because, well, you _know_ them); or if you see that your
friend is having difficulty, then sure, you'd say something (because, well,
you care about your friend). On the other hand, if it's because you're the
adult, and you think you know better, and the student -- who hasn't asked,
who isn't talking to you, etc. -- could benefit from your great wisdom and
years of experience, then I would question the offering of help.

The issue is one of maintaining a level playing field, so to speak; as
staff, trying not to pre-empt student's rights to decide for themselves
that they need something, and to go about meeting that need.

Hope this helps,



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