Re: DSM: students rights

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 00:33:35 EST

>> I think it's a little more complex than that. What is important is that
>> the student WANTS to learn to read badly enough that they will take
>> responsibility for learning to read.
>Of course. That's what I meant.
>But that doesn't mean that they can't be helped, and MUST
>learn to read all on their own!

I don't think anyone's saying that students must learn without help. Heck,
I help students learn things virtually every day. The point is that
individual students must initiate the process; they, not adults acting on
their behalf, must decide when to learn to read, when to ask for help, etc.
(to the extent that learning to read is a conscious process, which isn't
always the case). It's the unsolicited "help" that's the problem here.


"The American disease -- and I'm quoting someone I
can't recall -- is forgetfulness. A person or people who
cannot recollect their past have little point beyond
mere animal existence: it is memory that makes things

                        -- William Least Heat Moon, _PrairyErth_


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