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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 09:36:37 EST

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<< I learned to
 implement some fun styles of getting the messages thru like teaching her
 math by using money, cause she certainly likes money!


      When you said (see above) in your e-mail, I wasn't entirely sure what
you meant. For example, when you discovered these new styles of teaching,
was the situation still the same?
    Here is what I am driving at: in the first situation, we have your kids
receiving homework and not enjoying it one bit. Neither do you. Now
presumably (I don't know: that's what I want you to tell me!) the only thing
that changes this scenario is that you implement new styles for helping your
kids with their homework. Presumably, they still hate it, and you still
imagine that you wouldn't want to do it, but now that you conduct it in a
different style, the situation is for the better? Perhaps this is not the
case. Please clarify.

-Travis W.


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