Re: DSM: RE: anger (was: teenagedom)

Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 22:31:25 EST

Dear Travis,

Thanks so much. You wrote:

<< There are so many things that are truly beautiful about the
 Sudbury Philosophies, but perhaps the most beautiful is the fact that
 everything falls into place after one understands his/her core views on the
 rights of children >>

To me, this core view is indeed exactly the point. Alternative and public
education tracks so similarly because their core view is the same. They
choose to view the child as an "improver". This view has tremendous utility
for educators. Their first order of business is to give a pre test. They do
this immediately to immediately show "ignorance". Once they have these
"results" they are immediately justified in offering and providing their
treatment, program, agenda, curriculum. After some suitable time delay, they
post test. And of course, they show improvement. Thus their whole view of the
child is validated. In fact though, they have exactly validated themselves by
defining the child.

Stunning, but in the educational paradigm, there are sadly only two choices
left to the child. Ignorance or become an "improver". Near crushing

So, when the four year old arrives at Sudbury, in that first moment at the
school house door, only offer the freedom freely. May they never even ever
smell the notion that freedom is program.

Warmest Regards,
Bill Richardson




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