Re: DSM: teenagedom (was: greetings)

Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 09:48:28 EST


    Thank you for your reply. Firstly, it is important for one to understand
that all of these issues are essentially generalizations, and that, at times,
we speak in the philosophical abstract.
    Essentially, I feel that the school I went to for four years (K to 3) is
something that could reasonably be defined as "Liberal education."
Previously, I believe that I had mentioned the numerous categories that
"Liberal" might fall under. However, I
do acknowledge the possibility that one might take issue with this
observation. There is one aspect of "liberal education," or, if not
"Liberal," then simply alternative (close to the definition of liberal
itself)! that is factual.
    The schools often place importance, however valid this action is, on
defining the school as a strong alternative and entirely different place from
the Public School system. These actions were, at least at my school,
extremely prevalent. Quantitative measures are used as deterrents against the
theory that yes, this school smells of the same philosophical implications as
the Public School system. For example, I cannot tell you how vividly the
"homework" propaganda I was fed sticks in ones mind. I remember such a big
deal being made out of my school's "no homework policy" (or at least,
virtually none of it). As if that truly made the school different. The fact
is that there is a fraudulent nature wafting from these schools, and I for
one cannot stand it when I see people (no one on the list as of yet)!
grouping them together with school's like Sudbury Valley.

-Travis W.


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