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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:56:01 EST


    I suppose that this is directed at anyone who has, or is planning to,
talk on the issue of "students giving the finger to school buses." I can only
speak for myself, obviously, but I believe that this whole issue, through
some fault of my own, has blown wildly out of control and has been entirely
    I mentioned briefly, although I must consult the archives to analyze my
exact wording, that I had observed some students, in an isolated incident in
the past, giving the finger to a school bus 5+ years ago. If my previous
statements were contradictory to what I just said, well, consider this a
    I go to SVS, and am familiar with over one hundred students, a good
amount to apply averages. That "finger to the school bus incident," which was
entirely insignificant, does not mean what it is being played out to mean. It
signifies no larger trend. Firstly, the kids who did it were no more then
perhaps eight years old (making no judgments; I know, age wise, this might
get shot down)! It was just a "lets do this cool thing," type of incident,
and without question was not the result of deep seeded hostility toward
public school students.
    And briefly on the subject of students at SVS in general, and their
perceptions of public school students, specifically. From my perspective, the
vast majority of students simply do not care about public school students.
There is no prevalent anger/hostility whatsoever. The students who actually
spend time wondering about these students feel nothing but pity for them, or
so it seems. And here is something that is key. It is easy to get caught in
the hoopla about student gatherings and student assemblies and prevalent
feelings of students, but you must realize something. I have been
experiencing this for over eight years. Often, when it appears that students
feel strongly about an issue pertaining to public school and especially
public school students, it is actually "jump on the band wagon" related
feelings, and essentially lack any sincerity. I speak for the masses. This is
coming from personal observations on my part, because I realize that I cannot
judge anyone outside of this realm.
    I would hope that no one deludes him/herself into thinking that there is
some mass of students at Sudbury Valley which feels significant anger and
fire directed at the public school system. This is not the reality. Now,
people can speculate all they want, but, when you speculate about what
students at Sudbury Valley think and feel, and what their feelings are on the
issue of public school and its students, it by definition lacks validity
compared to a person who is in the arena itself. Now I understand the
possibility that no one ever made that assumption or had those feelings about
the issue. If this is true, then, perhaps this e-mail is simply a statement
about the reality, not a response as a result of actual feeling on the issue.

-Travis W.


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