Re: DSM: teenagedom (was: greetings)

Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:27:50 EST


    Thank you for your reply. The e-mail in question was not directed at you,
but your address was used. Sorry about the confusion.
     In response to your e-mail, I must say that the numerous issues flying
around this list at all times can become quite overwhelming. It is more then
easy to misinterpret, and that very action is, through no fault of the
readers, rampant. I thought I was as clear as can be on the possibility of
misinterpreting entirely what was said.
    Indeed, I am not oblivious, and was not surprised at all when informed
that it had nothing to do with the issues I mentioned. And again, though I
understand that in this context, it is to say the least strange to expect
people to just "forget" about all that I wrote, I ask just that. Consider the
contents nullified.

-Travis W.


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