Re: DSM: teenagedom (was: greetings)

Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:21:51 EST


    Thank you for your reply. Again, I think that the context in which I made
those statements might have been misinterpreted. You see, on a personal
level, there is no question that I vehemently disagree with the common
philosophies under which the Public School System, in this country, operates.
Indeed, I observe a violation of basic rights that is prevalent in that
system. The reason that I dislike Liberal Education to a greater extent then
the Public School system is quite simple.
     Both systems of education are much more similar then meets the eye. One
of the main functions of traditional Liberal Education is to distort this
reality. And seeing two system that on the baseline are extremely similar to
each other, it seems obvious enough to me that I would rather be with the one
that has the guts to advocate for their style of educating. The one which
will not hide, not "desire to have their cake and eat it too."
    The issue is crystal clear in my mind, and though I acknowledge
variations in Liberal Education to some extent, I find that when interpreting
it from an individual perspective, it is unbelievable how often your first
instincts prove true.

-Travis W.


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