Re: DSM: teenagedom (was: greetings)

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 23:36:09 EST

At 9:08 PM 1/20/02, morticia crone wrote:

>i asked about why the SV kids would feel antagonistic towards public school
>i doubt there's a person alive
>who hasn't been guilty of showing anger for one person (or object, etc.)
>when they were actually angry with someone else (or themselves or whatever).
>my illusion was shattered that SV teenagers go through the same shit as
>everyone else. (everybody in their own way, expressing it in their own
>unique way, etc.)

My experience at Sudbury schools suggests a wrinkle which may ease your
disillusionment. Yes, Sudbury students do experience shit that's roughly
familiar to those of us who have survived adolescence (not that we ever
escape feelings of awkwardness, uncertainty, etc.!). Even so, I've noticed
a BIG distinction between those students who've been at Sudbury schools for
a long time, and those who've arrived more recently, from more-traditional
settings. By and large, the "lifers" are very much more adept at dealing
with the shit of the outside world; much more secure in themselves and able
to acknowledge shit without letting it get to them as much.

Bruce (can I say "shit" a few more times in this post?...)


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