Re: DSM: teenagedom (was: greetings)

From: morticia crone (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 15:08:45 EST

hi travis,
morticia here. your response was directed to robert and alan but it seems
you actually meant me, and in your other response to joe you actually said
that it was a response to me. although i can't say that i understood your
post in the slightest, i recognize that you are pretty pissed. (didn't you
get my offlist post? i should have thought that would quell any doubts,

i asked about why the SV kids would feel antagonistic towards public school
kids. they're kids, they don't run the system. then robert and alan (i'm
paraphrasing, dears) made their notes about how harmless it is to be an
angry teenager in this situation and it's more symbolic than direct anger
towards individual students. so i sat back and thought about it - that's
what this list is about after all, right? people reaching out to other
people, encouraging them to think and consider, consider and think. anyway,
so i thought, well, yeah, as a matter of fact, i rather particularly enjoyed
scaring the shit out of preppies on a friday night (far more emotionally
hurtful than giving the finger to bus full of students in passing). so i
realized that i had been idealizing SV students, hoping that they wouldn't
have to go through all that teenager shit, hoping that the magic pill of
freedom would be enough to give them confidence and whatever else they need
to feel good about themselves and get through teenagerhood with relative
ease. it was my own personal revelation.

misplaced anger is no great mystery. it means being angry at a person,
object, whatever, in place of the actual person, object, whatever who
*deserves* the anger (for whatever reason). i doubt there's a person alive
who hasn't been guilty of showing anger for one person (or object, etc.)
when they were actually angry with someone else (or themselves or whatever).

my illusion was shattered that SV teenagers go through the same shit as
everyone else. (everybody in their own way, expressing it in their own
unique way, etc.)

travis, i am baffled as to why you are so riled. i re-read both my posts,
and i was sincere, and i don't understand what you're talking about as
>>You patronize him and ultimately treat him as a lesser human being! <<

i wasn't talking about you and your misplaced anger (huh?) - no fucking
idea. misplaced anger as a general plague of teenagers through the ages is
what i was referring to. if you don't count yourself among that group,
fine, hail to you and your progeny, more power to you and sorry if i
offended you. if we were talking face to face i doubt you'd get the
impression that i was patronizing you.

well, i hope that's the end of that.

incidentally, i thoroughly agree with joe that
>>individuals can be honorable, hard-working and
noble, and simultaneously culpable for the actions of the whole<<



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