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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 22:21:05 EST

Dear Travis,

Thank you very much. You wrote:

> Specifically, Liberal education embodies, when looked at on the most
> basic philosophical level, the same essential principles as public school.
> When analyzed astutely, you will find that the differences are purely
> aesthetic and quantitative, and that tremendous importance is placed on
> these differences. In fact, it can be summarized by the following practice:
> liberal educators putting up a front, convincing potential students and
> families that they are something they are not.

Exactly, "alternative" education is still education. The distinctions
educators make among themselves are simply quantitative within their box,
within their paradigm. To jump outside the educational paradigm, is to
propose something qualitatively different. It is to propose, not
"alternative" education, but an alternative to education.

By education I mean only and simply telic social construct. Social construct
that: tends toward, leads to, is for the purpose of.

If the freedom that is offered at Sudbury is offered because it is the
child's right, if it is offered because it is the only sane way to get to the
next moment in our relationship with the child, if the freedom itself is
offered freely without hope, if the freedom is not offered as a program, a
treatment, an agenda, a curriculum or as pedagogy, then Sudbury is indeed and
alternative to education, it is something else.

It is my deepest belief that the child lives at Sudbury in freedom. And does
not experience it as education. And the clearest definition of Sudbury is as
the child lives it.

Warmest Regards,
Bill Richardson


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