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I thank you for your reply. As to the specific statements in question, I am
happy to address each in turn.
       First, the statement I made regarding the "they," concept, in that
isolated instance, pertained to select students at Sudbury Valley. These
students, in my opinion, employ the practice of "jumping on the band wagon,"
so to speak. This is by no means a personal criticism, it is merely an
observation. I have seen some students, good people who all believed in the
Sudbury Philosophies, act in various ways that I found to be detrimental and
counterproductive to the idea of the Sudbury Valley School. Specifically, at
times I found their support of the school to be overly militant, and
sometimes blind, in its opposition to the Public School system. In addition,
this movement was usually tied down in various special interests, such as
disliking the conservative private schools merely because their way of living
and their specific politics did not personally coincide with their own, as
opposed to exclusively because they were in direct contradiction to the
Sudbury Philosophies. This is so subtle that it might be considered a
nonexistent movement, and I grant you, it is small and most certainly subtle.
If nothing else, it is a potential way of acting as a proponent for Sudbury
Valley that appears to me counterproductive.

       As regards my second statement: "Enemies" was a truly ridiculous word
to use, being in no way applicable to the situation. I apologize for that.
Those educators and administrators in the individual states and in our
nations capital who have defined their school philosophies, are by no means
our "enemies." They are our contemporaries who we respectfully disagree with,
though we feel that their style of operation is wrong.
       A small digression here. One of the most important issues regarding
Sudbury Valley to me, at this time, is the "Liberal Education" movement. This
is an issue I look forward to devoting a lot of time to, but for now I will
address it in brief. I harbor the contention that the Public School system is
a better educational institution then the alternative, specifically, liberal
education, who claim just that: that they are the "alternative." In fact,
when I say liberal education what I really mean is "alternative," but being
personally conservative, I like to use that word to take pop shots at their
        "Liberal" education employs the full spectrum of the word: financial,
social, political, & psychological change, which runs counter to tradition.
In every way the school is conducted, to the families who send their children
there to they activities conducted within its walls, would be interpreted by
society as liberal. The difference between "truth" and "lies" pertain
exclusively to this situation.
       Specifically, Liberal education embodies, when looked at on the most
basic philosophical level, the same essential principles as public school.
When analyzed astutely, you will find that the differences are purely
aesthetic and quantitative, and that tremendous importance is placed on these
differences. In fact, it can be summarized by the following practice: liberal
educators putting up a front, convincing potential students and families that
they are something they are not.
       I generalize somewhat, but am confident that the reader is aware of
what I am talking about. Essentially, I would rather attend traditional
public school as opposed to a liberal school. I attended what I consider to
be the "epitome" of all Liberal education for four years, a school which my
family, regrettably, is still involved in. My mother has good friends who are
parents at the school, and for a number of years served as a TA and ran the
after school program. Those liberal educators, truly, are the "enemies."
       I look forward to productive discussion of this issue I have raised,
and am confident that it will indeed generate just that. Forgive the slightly
extended reply. This just happens to be an issue I feel strongly about,
having personally experienced and been involved with it. I am going to
appreciate all of the perspective I can acquire. I hope that I have answered
your inquiries in a satisfactory manner.

-Travis Weiner.


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