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From: morticia crone (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 12:31:30 EST

hi travis,

>>I believe that year of hell (and it was) at public school has given me an
invaluable perspective on the issue. As opposed to some of the students here
at school who give the finger to buses of Public Schoolers as they fly past,
but who have no real idea of what they are fighting for, so to speak.
"Understand your enemy." A famous, and resonating, statement. <<

this troubles me. could you explain who you refer to in *what they are
fighting for*? who's the *they* - the public schoolers or the sudbury

and, is it correct to read that there is antipathy between sudbury students
and public school students? enemies??? whatever on earth for?

thanks for making yourself available, as a student, for questions. i've
been hoping more students would contribute.

~morticia :-)~


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