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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 09:57:02 EST


     I apologize for the brief nature of these replies, except that, there
are so many e-mails and so little time! I think that once I have established
a reliable Internet connection in my home, I will be able to more fully
respond to each person's e-mail, as opposed to the discussion topic.
    I arrived at Sudbury Valley in the closing months of the school year in
1994. After staying for two years, and going through a complicated
development period in which I increasingly became angrier and angrier about
the school, and what it wasn't doing for me, I left for a year to attend
public school. At that time I was at the height of my search for solace in
the education experience.
    I believe that year of hell (and it was) at public school has given me an
invaluable perspective on the issue. As opposed to some of the students here
at school who give the finger to buses of Public Schoolers as they fly past,
but who have no real idea of what they are fighting for, so to speak.
"Understand your enemy." A famous, and resonating, statement.
    This issue is sure to spark additional inquiry and debate, but on a last
note I would like to convey to you just how drastic my total experience at
Sudbury was. Indeed, not only was I a new student full of anger and
confusion, but I literally began to become more and more mired in a different
life philosophy then that which the school was preaching. I feel as though I
have been "there and back," so to speak, a complete, humbling experience that
at least gives some validity to what I say about the public school system. A
brief reply? Man am I full of it!

-Travis W.


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