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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 09:37:46 EST


    Thank you for your reply dated 1/17/01. I must say, I was particularly
impressed with the way that you described students at your school and,
indeed, Sudbury students in general. Without a doubt, I agree virtually 100%
with every single one of your observations. I am very pleased that you appear
to be such a strong advocate of the Sudbury Philosophies.
    As I was writing my previous e-mail, the thought that a reply of your
nature would arise lingered in the back of my head. Do not take that the
wrong way, though; in all seriousness, yours was a reply of high quality and
one that was most applicable to the discussion at hand. What I mean by the
"lingering thought of a reply of your nature," is, specifically, that I
realized that I was not explaining in enough detail precisely what I meant
when I made those statements. As a result, I was sure that members of the
list would get the wrong impression, certainly through no fault of their own.
The fault is mine, I can assure you. However, I will now try to be much
clearer about the true meaning of my e-mail.
    It is quite simple, really. The essence of what I meant by those
statements was not that the two separate groups of students were so alike in
a general category. Not in the least. My intention was to convey my belief
that in the realm of relating to parents, exclusively, on a personal level,
they are not that different from others of their likeness. Believe me, I know
exactly what you are talking about when you made those concise observations
about Sudbury students, as opposed to the common Public School student. You
are exactly right. It is just that, when I did reply, it was originally
intended for Ann Aide's inquiry about parents (it pertained to that, but
obviously it was intended for all list members!). And I intended it to be
taken in that particular context. Lacking any knowledge of a "general trend"
that students exhibited in this school toward parents, I felt the need to at
least offer some of my observations on the subject to her.
    These observations, however, were exclusively related to the nature of
common parent-student relationships, and the various issues pertaining to
them. I must stress how unrelated to the two separate schools these issues
often are, because, really, they are issues that all children and parents
have. Perhaps that is stating the obvious, but previously, I was not clear
enough on the issue.
    I hope that this reply to Mr. Jackson satisfies similar replies to my
e-mail that were sent by other list members, replies that pertain at least in
part to the nature of what I just addressed.
     Thank you for your response Mr. Jackson. I look forward to discussing
various other issues related to the Sudbury philosophies with you in the

-Travis W.


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