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Hi Travis. If I understand you correctly, sounds like you're trying to tell me that there's a whole range of kids with a whole range of feelings at SVS just like anywhere else. Okay. In your observations, you can't make any generalizations. Fair enough. I don't know, either. It's just something I've been thinking about lately. On the flip side, I can also see the possibility of (many)SVS kids feeling better about their parents because we do show our trust in them (not including the ones who only send their kids as a last resort and don't even believe in it, or something similar).

Hey, you didn't tell me how long you've been at SVS.


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         Thank you for your reply. To my knowledge, there is no prevalent movement among students here that pertain to parents. That is, if it does exist, it most certainly is not obvious to me.
         To further pursue this issue beyond your question, I believe that there are important concepts to keep in mind when addressing the parent/student relationship in general. I believe that students at this school, in terms of common characteristics all teenagers (or younger children) embody, are not unlike students in any other school. This must be taken in context. It is in the context of, as I mentioned, common characteristics, because it is obvious that all schools at times attract unique individuals. Those who operate with the impression that the students here are so different from others of their likeness, are simply fooling themselves. Indeed, I assume that all kids feel the same emotions at different times, and act in similar fashion every so often. It seems likely that they would all feel rage, love, contempt, envy, admiration, and many other feelings and emotions. I have personally experienced some of these emotions, a! nd it seems likely that they are extremely prevalent among all children, with little exception.
          I do understand that I am not a parent, and as a result I cannot begin to comprehend what it is like to have a child attend Sudbury Valley. It most certainly requires a tremendous leap of faith for all parents, something I sense too often goes unappreciated. I would imagine that there are parents who must feel similar. However, it seems to me that this "leap of faith" must be self-sustaining. Though it may be hard at times (I wouldn't know!), it seems to me that the role of parents, in the context of the school itself, does not include attempting to effect their child's experience or education within the confines of the Sudbury Valley. This is a concept that is extremely evident when one understands the baseline philosophies that Sudbury Valley operates upon.
         Again, I am not a parent. I would like to think that I take pains to be careful on the subject. To make sure not to say things that can only be said with validity coming from a parent, from their own perspective. I hope I have satisfied your request for information.

  -Travis W.


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