Re: DSM: Complete list of schools?

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 21:17:07 EST

>My personal opinion? I prefer to get my information from
>people who are closest to the source.

How much closer to the source can one get than asking each school to
identify itself as "Sudbury," "Sudbury-like," or "similar"? Unless one
undertakes to determine who falls into which of these categories,
self-identification seems the most accurate and authoritative approach.

>In part because most new startup schools contact SVS first,
>and in part because it's absurd to imagine Sudbury Valley
>_not_ being a Sudbury Model school, when other schools don't
>have their own link list and use one provided by another
>school, the only one I've seen them use is at

Schools which maintain their own links page obviously must exercise
judgment in deciding whom to put where. I have chosen to utilize SERN's
links for the AVS website, primarily for ease and accuracy. Information on
schools and startups changes so quickly, and those of us in the provinces
aren't often privy to those changes. SERN's links are more accurate and
more quickly updated than ours were before, when I simply copied Sudbury
Valley's list (whenever I got around to checking it). Of course, I could
just as easily link to SVS's list as SERN's. But I also like SERN's listing
of startup groups and their bulletin board for finding potential
co-founders. So...<shrug>

Whatever paths people take in listing other schools on their sites, and
despite the fact that no such list can be official, I am grateful to the
people at SERN for their hard work and dedication.

Bruce Smith, staff
Alpine Valley School


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